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Nobody does it like Taylor.

“How Taylor manages to make each and every instrument feel so consistently spot-on across its many designs is a modern mystery.”
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As a guitar manufacturer in a league of its own, Taylor has set industry standards for playability, craftsmanship and musical performance.

As the only premier dealer of Taylor Guitars in the Southeast, we at VERA are as passionate about selling these iconic guitars as any musician is about playing them.


Where Technology Meets Tone.

For close to 50 years, Bob Taylor has embraced modern tooling and technology to get as close as possible to the perfect guitar.

From the patented “playable neck” to the distinctive and balanced tone to the advanced pickup design, every Taylor guitar is a product of decades of trial and error.

Recently named one of the “Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in Manufacturing,” Taylor clearly has no plans to let up on their boundary-blasting ways.

And that’s a win for all of us.

New V-Class Bracing

Turning up the Volume on Acoustic Guitars.

For over 100 years, traditional X-bracing was the predominant framework for internally supporting and reinforcing the soundboard and back of acoustic guitars. But thanks to the ingenuity of master guitar designer Andy Powers, V-Class bracing has changed the game. Now, an acoustic guitar top can be both stiff and flexible in ways that produce more volume and sustain. And as it turns out, V-Class bracing also improves the intonation of the guitar.

Interested in learning more? Come on in, and we’ll show you the difference.

Become a Taylor Artist

Share Your Passion with the World.

Taylor guitars have inspired musicians everywhere to pursue their dreams. Artists come from all over the world and play in virtually every style and genre. Traditional singer-songwriters, country artists, blues players, jazz guitarists, classical musicians, and even hard rockers and metal players all create on their Taylor guitars.

If you are an artist who is interested in forming a relationship with Taylor, click the button below and tell us what you’re all about.