The Store

Walk this way. Charlotte’s ground-breaking guitar store is waiting.

Wish you were here.

At VERA Guitars, we’ve pulled out all the stops to give you the guitar-buying experience you deserve. One step inside our airy, spacious showroom, and you’ll feel the difference. And it’s not just because of the humidity control. From the thoughtful guitar display to our knowledgeable staff and our performance stage, VERA Guitars is the place for every player.

At a Glance

Showing off our showroom.

Creating the perfect space to match our vision has truly been a highlight of our journey with VERA Guitars. Come check us out anytime; we can’t wait to show you around.


Square Feet

Tons of room to explore and enjoy music in one of the largest guitar stores in the Charlotte area



An impressive number of acoustic and electric guitars in-store, including over 50 Taylors



The names your favorite artists play — and adding new brands all the time



The “easy-to-get-to” highway that will deliver you to the guitar of your dreams



Whether you had a mishap on the road (it happens), or you’re looking for a new sound, we’re here to help. We provide in-house repair services for all fretted stringed instruments including: 

  • Setup and string replacement
  • Electronic repair and replacement 
  • Pick up installation
  • Hardware installation
  • Refret service
  • Fret leveling and fret end dressing
  • Hand-carved saddle and nut replacement 
  • Acoustic bridge/bracing/crack repair
  • Custom builds and modifications


Let there be rock.

There’s nothing sadder than a broken or out-of-tune guitar. Humidity, changing seasons and even the amount you play all factor into the health of your equipment. At VERA, we can help with everything from string changes to a full setup to keep you shredding.

If you need a diagnostic “deep dive” on your guitar, we also have the only Plek machine in Charlotte. This innovative tool can perform incredibly accurate scans of frets and fretboards, fret dressing and recrowns, nut and bridge cutting, and fretboard planning.

Come on in or click the button below to let us know what’s going on with your guitar.